Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Software Testing Insights: Magic and the EASY button

At TWST, I mentioned to Michael how much I enjoyed his recent "critical thinking skills for testers" video.

In the video Michael asks, "Are we being fooled? How?".

What parts of our software systems do you think are susceptible to these kinds of problems during testing?

Little targeted videos seem to me to be an effective way to communicate to a broad audience.

Michael then reminded me of this video of James and Jon testing an EASY button:

First of all, it is fun to watch James and Jon do a Recon Test. Notice the huge benefits of video recording the activity: ease of documentation during the testing activity,the ability to review exactly what really happened, share with other people, and review for your own learning.

If you did a similar product Recon and recorded it, what would it show?
What if your whole group did the activity, what would it show?
What if your local software testing group did this activity over the next month, and shared the results?

And if you want to hack the EASY button, here are the instructions:

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