Tuesday, September 27, 2011

James Bach Interview: Match the Metaphors

UTest has published a recent interview with James Bach.  James is always insightful, provocative, and can turn a phrase.   Here is the link:  http://blog.utest.com/testing-the-limits-with-james-bach-part-i-2/2011/09/

But don't read the article yet! Take this test first.

Match column A, with James's metaphor from column B:

A                                            B
testing maturity models          like frightened bunnies
certification                          like trying to invent an android that can talk to your wife for you
being a developer                   like a  possum 
the quest for the clever tool     a sin for testers
belief                                      like completing 25 crossword puzzles every day
tester giving a report               grand festival of waste
fake software testing                a tape worm parasite, living off our flesh

Pencils down. Now read the article. And Part II:

PS:  James says - "I’ve been playing with “R”. It’s a free statistical analysis system.
There are several books on it. I love tools that help me work with complicated data."
- I will have to connect him with Meijian

PPS:  The tool that has helped me most recently is my Canon solid state video recorder combined with my micro tripod.
- I will have to add one to my kit. I already have a flip video camera.

So what is your opinion on what James said?

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