Thursday, September 15, 2011

Discount Code - Agile Development Practices East 2011

I'm a speaker at the Agile Development Practices East 2011 conference this November.

Here is a special discount code, SPAS, that allows you to receive up to an extra $200 off your conference registration. Combined with Early Bird Pricing, which ends October 7, that means up to $400 off.
Surviving an FDA Audit: Heuristics for Exploratory Testing C  

In FDA regulated industries, audits are high-stakes, fact-finding exercises required to verify compliance to regulations and an organization’s internal procedures. Although exploratory testing has emerged as a powerful test approach within regulated industries, an audit is the impact point where exploratory testing and regulatory worlds collide. Griffin Jones describes a heuristic model—Congruence, Honesty, Competence, Appropriate Process Model, Willingness, Control, and Evidence—his team used to survive an audit. You can use this model to prepare for an audit or to baseline your current practices for an improvement program. Griffin highlights the common misconceptions and traps to avoid with exploratory testing in your regulated industry. Avoid mutual misunderstandings that can trigger episodes of incongruous behavior and an unsuccessful audit. Learn how to maintain your composure during a stressful audit and leave with valuable heuristics to help you organize and present your exploratory testing results with confidence. 

The presentation will be similar to my presentation at CAST 2011, with more of an Agile development slant.

BTW - I am interested in presenting to local software testing, regulatory compliance, and quality organizations or work groups. Please contact me.

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