Saturday, September 17, 2011

Meat industry parallels to software testing

Govt. to expand E. coli tests in meat - Meat industry says added testing too expensive

Notice the parallels to software "checking".

Cost:  The meat industry immediately opposed the move, saying it is too expensive to do the tests and there isn't enough benefit.
Prevention versus detection:  "USDA will spend millions of dollars testing for these strains instead of using those limited resources toward preventive strategies that are far more effective in ensuring food safety,"
 Problem Severity: "People get kidney failure, people die, people have long-term complications. The number the bug has isn't really relevant."
 Expanding customer expectations:  At least one consumer advocacy group said it wants the department to go even further.
Do you find that your software testing/checking faces similar pressures as the meat industry?
How do you react to those pressures?
If the E. coli bugs were software bugs, how would you react?


  1. I'd make my SW Dev's eat their own dog food.

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