Sunday, January 2, 2011

That ship has sailed: leaving the "familiar" zone

"The familiar (but unpleasant) is preferred to the comfortable (and better)." - Virgina Satir via Jerry Weinberg

For the past three years it has been nice it participate on the edge of the software testing conversation.  Dipping in and out of the flow.  Having a private sidebar conversation with the principles.  Not being on-the-record. Familiar.  Low risk.  Safe.  But I think I was ready to become more public.

I suspected that my passive role would challenged when I attend CAST and AYE last year.
Hypothesis confirmed.  My testing peers (old and new) encouraged me to become more involved in the public conversation around software testing. Foreign element sighted. Brace for impact.

Say goodbye to old status-quo - welcome to chaos.
I found myself thinking about the Satir Change Model

I want this change, but I can't avoid the chaos and pain that comes with it.
But I can think differently about it.
Sometimes pain is just the cost of getting new and useful information.
Sometimes I enjoy chaos - like during the 2008 AYE exercise with Steve Smith.

Reconvene the Board of Directors and grab the Courage Stick and Wishing Wand.
My charge to them:  "Give me a basic outline of a plan for the next year, that all of you can live with."

Got back: "Proceed in these directions - with some "Hudson Bay Starts" (for safety) along the way."

Time to start doing.
Off we go.

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